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Mahyar Goodarzi
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Dan Brabender

The co-founders of Digitalift and Trust & Credibility Reviews, Mahyar Goodarzi and Dan Brabender, bring together over 25 years of combined experience in marketing for local businesses.

Mahyar Goodarzi is a search engine optimization expert with 10+ years of experience. He ranks in the top 15% of all 2.5 million LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization Professionals and the top 30% of Google Analytics Professionals. He is also the author of “I Just Got a Negative 1-Star Review, Now What”.

Dan Brabender is an experienced marketing specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. He is skilled in all forms of advertising, branding, publishing, digital marketing, and sales.

Together, they are committed to helping local businesses succeed through digital marketing strategies that emphasize trust and credibility and thrive in a competitive market, driven by their commitment to improve businesses’ Google presence.