Online Reputation Management Service

Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage the conversations customers are having about your business on review sites like Google and Yelp? After all, potential customers are likely to check these reviews before contacting you. But beyond encouraging friends and family to write reviews, you might feel limited in what you can do. That’s where Digitalift’s review management service, Trust & Credibility Reviews, comes in.

Why Reviews Matter

About 86% of consumers, (including 95% of those aged 18-34), rely on online reviews for local businesses. These potential customers are not only interested in high-quality reviews but also in recent, relevant ones. With Trust & Credibility Reviews, our review management system, you can expect a consistent stream of reviews that help attract more new customers. Plus, you have the option to use AI-generated reviews responses to save you from time, money, and writer’s block.

Don't Assume You Have Enough Reviews

You may have some positive reviews, but are you actively encouraging new customers to leave feedback online? Even if you’re a small business with a unique niche, reviews can drive in new clients.

Consider these statistics:

These figures show that digital reputation management is an ongoing process. You can’t just rely on the reviews you already have. But even if you understand the importance of reviews, you may not know how to master online reputation management. You might struggle to gather client information or hesitate to bother clients by requesting reviews. However, asking for reviews is common in every industry, and with Digitalift’s help, you can easily manage the process.

Digitalift's Review Management vs. the Competition


We provide a comprehensive review management service, not just software.

We help you see more consistent, positive reviews and boost your average star rating.

We strategize with you and provide ongoing support to improve the quality and quantity of your reviews, following industry best practices.

We help you say goodbye to spam reviews.


The software is left with you to manage, requiring you to handle any troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.

The approach taken is one-time only, providing a temporary boost without continuous support.

No analytics insights or reporting data to allow you to plan future strategies for success.

The service may not closely monitor reviews or have the ability to address or curb spam reviews effectively.

How Does Online Reputation Management Really Work?

Our review management service isn’t just software. It’s a service run by our expert online reputation team who know your business inside out. We’ll strategize with you to build the best practices for improving the quantity and quality of your reviews, tailored to your individual business.

Here's What You Get:


With email drip campaigns, text message reminders, or a combination of both, our simplified review platform, Trust & Credibility Reviews, makes it easy for customers to review your business after a recent interaction.


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REDUCE THE Impact of
Negative Reviews

Customers who click 4 or 5 Stars are directed to a list of your review sites where they can easily leave you a positive review, while those who click 1, 2 or 3 Stars can share their feedback privately with you.


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Sharing Your Victories

We automatically share your 4 and 5-star reviews on your social media channels, allowing you to maximize the exposure of your well-deserved praise. Similarly, we instantly publish your 4 and 5-star reviews on your website, just like your social feeds.


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Strengthen Your Reputation with Digitalift

Improve your overall star rating and become the obvious choice for customers with our Review Management service. Consequently, you’ll have a stronger impact in your other marketing campaigns, such as your Local SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising.  Plus, you’ll gain precious insights from your customers, enabling you to expand your business in more meaningful ways. We consider that a significant win!