Trust and credibility to be the obvious choice.

Use the Trust and Credibility System to get more customers, get more reviews, and rank higher on Google.

Why Your Business Needs Reviews

Online Reviews Are Proven To Get You
More Business

With the way people are searching and shopping online thanks to sites like
Google and Yelp, the numbers are on your side…

Percent of consumers read reviews for local businesses
Percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
Percent of consumers read a businesses’ responses to reviews

Those powerful stats can directly improve your
business overnight!

But without managing your online reviews and knowing what your customers
are saying about you, those numbers can quickly turn into problems for you
and potential customers!

Percent of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars
Percent of 18-34 year olds have written online reviews – compared to 41% of consumers over 55
Percent of consumers only take into account reviews written within the past 2 weeks

Challenges with Online Reviews

Asking is Awkward

A lot of business owners don’t feel comfortable asking for reviews directly, or forget to do it at all. You’ve got 473 other things to worry about in your business.

Negative Reviews

Unhappy customers often turn to your Google profile, Facebook Page, and other sites to vent their frustration out of revenge for how they think you’ve wronged them.

Takes Too Much Time

With everything else to do in your business, owners feel overwhelmed with the time to request, manage and promote their customers’ feedback and online reviews.

How Digitalift’s Trust and Credibility system Works

Get reviews on autopilot as the Trust and Credibility System manages your customer list and builds your online reputation 99% hands-free.

Use the Trust and Credibility System to get more reviews, rank higher on search engines and get more customers. We ask your customer about their experience via a branded email or text and it takes just one click to leave you a review!

The Trust and Credibility System also tracks your search engine rankings, online reviews, customer leads and optimizes your local SEO presence to be the obvious choice for customers and Google.

How the Trust and Credibility System Works

It’s so simple to use, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Trust and Credibility features to promote and grow your business on autopilot

Rank Higher. Protect Your Reputation. Track Your Business Growth.

60+ Integrated Review Sites

The Trust and Credibility System integrate with 60+ popular and niche review sites to bring your best reviews together in on place to make it easy for your customers to review you wherever they are.

Higher Google Ranking

Our Google Ranking Strategy builds your Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust online to rank your business higher on Google and be the obvious choice for customers.

Protect Your Reputation

Intercept negative reviews before they hit the internet and allow customers to share their bad experience privately with you to resolve offline.

Track Your Results

Personalized dashboard to track your business growth and see your online rankings, Google reviews, customer leads, audit your website SEO and much more.

plus much more…


Your brand’s reputation plays a major role in the prospect’s decision to do business with you or your competitors. This is why you want to be the obvious choice for customers.


Everytime a new customer realizes there is a need (or problem), they enter the customer journey to find your business.


Generate more revenue by improving your online reputation.
A positive online reputation drives more business and lowers the cost of customer acquisition.
Reputation Drives Your Business


Customers research the reviews of businesses. It is at this decision-making point that your business needs to meet or exceed their expectations – based on your trust and credibility from online reviews.


Customers decide to go with a business based on their online reputation. Getting reviews is crucial for controlling your reputation, ranking higher on search results and generating more revenue from new customers.

Guaranteed Business Growth Results.

Start putting your business growth on autopilot using Trust and Credibility. Results Guaranteed.

Carlos Guadarrama

Carlos Guadarrama

“One of the easiest, straightforward marketing ideas for getting reviews. We have tripled our reviews in six months!!”